Stonewall Valley Ranch

Raising Longhorn Cattle In the Texas Hill Country

Longhorn Heifers

A Longhorn heifer is usually ready to breed by age 14 months. Building your herd with Longhorn heifers from Stonewall Valley Ranch insures that your herd is being built from a strong line of registered Longhorn cattle, guaranteeing you a return on your investment. Building a Longhorn herd has many advantages. Longhorn cattle will forage on most vegetation, including cactus, weeds, forbs and re-growth cedar. They browse up high on the tree line, giving your pasture a landscaped look. Because of their compact size and low volume of vegetation eaten and the variety of vegetation they intake, a rancher can run 2-3 times as many animals in his pastures, and since they weigh less than most commercial cattle breeds they can be shipped for less cost. When pastured with sheep, goats or exotics, the Longhorn cattle will keep predators away and act as guard dogs.

The Longhorn herd is perfect for the absentee and weekend rancher. They have adapted through the years to living and foraging in rough areas with little or no care. They will seek out food in the far, rough regions of the ranch pasture, not hang around the water sources waiting to be fed like many other breeds. They drink far less water than commercial cattle and have fewer health problems.

With the Longhorn heifer, the rancher can look forward to his herd growing quickly. The calves these heifers will produce in their lifetimes will bring increased profits for the rancher. These calves may be kept as breeding stock building up the rancher's herd.